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Lake fishing

Natural lakes, man made lakes and lagoons are almost innumerable in Iceland. Most of them abound in brown trout and char and sometimes salmon, sea char and trout. It is fascinating to spend a part of the vacation with the whole family on the shores of a beautiful lake. Many a good angler started practicing with his or her spinning and fly rods on a fishing lake. Many of the Icelandic lakes are among the best fishing lakes in the world. In some of them you can catch char of at least 6 pounds and brown trout of 8 pounds. Many enthusiastic anglers are also keen birdwatchers and are pleased to find a great number of bird species on the lakes. Welcome to our home page to get better acquainted with the Icelandic lakes.

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Lake Fishing in Reykjavík Area

Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland, surrounded by suburbs and fascinating places.

Lake Fishing in Reykjanes

Reykjanes peninsula is full of geothermal wonders and also the home of Keflavík Airport.

Lake Fishing in Strandir

If you’re looking for desolated wilderness and solitude, Strandir is the place for you.

Lake Fishing in Highlands and interior

The uninhabited region of Iceland, with amazing landscapes that are hard to find anywhere else.