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Salmon fishing

Nowhere else in the world are there more fishing lakes and rivers in such a limited area than in Iceland. Many natives and visitors have caught the fishing bug. This has proven to be a permanent condition. But, fortunately, there is a temporary cure. That cure is…to give in to the urge to fish! For those who haven’t yet been infected, don’t worry. This is a fortunate condition and not nearly as expensive as you may think. And if you just visit our website and send us your questions, we’ll help you to understand this condition and maybe even help you catch the bug yourself! What in the world can be better or more wholesome than enjoying the outdoors on one of our incredible salmon rivers? There is no better cure! As according to statistics Iceland salmon rivers has coming the one of the most increasing salmon fishing spots of the world mosly due to Environment of Iceland policy.

The salmon runs upriver from May to October, mostly during the middle of the period. The time limit is narrower in many areas, where natural circumstances deviate, i.e. lack of water and low temperatures. Hight tides and floods sometimes increase salmon runs. Some rivers have automatic counters.
Longest River in Iceland

Angling in Icelandic

Salmon fishing in Reykjavík Area

Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland, surrounded by suburbs and fascinating places.

Salmon fishing in Westfjords

An isolated part of Iceland, with a natural beauty beyond compare.

Salmon fishing in Strandir

If you’re looking for desolated wilderness and solitude, Strandir is the place for you.

Salmon fishing in Highlands and interior

The uninhabited region of Iceland, with amazing landscapes that are hard to find anywhere else.

Salmon fishing in East Iceland

The eastern part of Iceland is the home of the reindeers and Iceland’s biggest forest.