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Tungufljot in Biskupstungur

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.2291° N 20.33527° W

During the last few years, the proprietors of this river have been testing its possibilities for becoming a salmon river by releasing smolt into it. It is a traditional brown trout and char river and the fishing spots the waterfall Faxi. and abov. A salmon ladder was built by the side of the waterfall to facilitate the salmon runs upriver. Seasonal changes between the sources, the glacier Langjokull and Lake Sandvatn, make it more or less a mixture of a spring fed and a glacial river. Its branch from the lake is called Asbrandsa. Further downriver the River Tungufljot name takes over. Eventually it joins the main river of the area, River Hvita, near the farm Braedratunga. Most rivers of the country remained unbridged to the end of the 19th century. River Tungufljot was first bridged in 1907 to facilitate King Frederik’s the VIII his travels during his official visit the same year.

It was a custom to take all esteemed visitors to the Parliamentary Plains, the Geysir Area and the Golden Waterfalls, and River Tungufljot sometimes became an obstacle. This wooden bridge was swept away by a sudden flooding during summer in 1929. Another bridge was built soon afterwards and in 1966 it was enlarged for car traffic.The sheep pen Tungurettir is just above the beautiful waterfall Faxi and still further upriver a car bridge was built in 1929. It was repaired in the year 2000 and counts among the oldest still standing bridges of the country.

The distance from the capital is about 100 km.

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