Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.35 ° N 20.283333° W

About Haukadalsheidi

Moorland Haukadalsheidi is situated in the southern central highlands, north of the hills behind the Geysir Area. In earlier times, this area was boggy and well vegetated, but gradually it turned into a desert, where the Icelanders have had to fight the erosion for decades.

Sagas of IcelandThe battle seems to have become successful and gradually they have managed to lessen the dust clouds, which were carried by the northeasterly winds over the southwestern lowlands to disappear into the sea. This way approximately 300 hectares of soil have been lost annually during historic times in this country.

This area and the approach of the southern edge of the second largest glacier of the country, Langjokull, by roads from the west, following the electric masts, from the Haukadalur valley, just east of the Geysir Area and side roads from the Kjolur road, just north of the Golden Waterfalls.

Haukadalsheidi  is on Saga trail for South Iceland.

Haukadalsheiði in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Iceland Road Guide

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