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Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.4179° N 20.5453° W

About Hlodufell

Mt Hlodufell is a beautifully shaped table mountain to the south of glacier Langjokull with a glacier eroded, flat top, which is covered with eternal snow. Its upper part is framed with precipitous cliffs, which allow mountaineers access in a few places, and the view from the top on a fine day is excellent. The Icelandic Touring Association’s hut (1971) accommodating 15 persons is located at Hloduvellir to the southwest of the mountain.

River Bruara has its sources on Rotarsandur to the south of mountain. Three 4wd tracks lead to the mountain, one from the hut at Brunna on the Kaldidalur Route, another from the Kjolur Route to the north of waterfall Gullfoss and the third on from valley Laugardalur and lake Laugarvatn.

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