Maps of Iceland

For over 30 years, has provided travellers in Iceland maps for planning trips around the country.

These maps have been made available with the kind permission from The National Land Survey of Iceland (Landmaelingar Islands)

Plan your trip responsibly – Study maps carefully and enjoy your trip to Iceland!

Articles in Maps of Iceland

Kjalvegur map

https://natis/map-of-kjolur/ For information on road conditions, see... more

Map Budardalur area

Map Snaefellsnes - Map Borgarfjordur - Map... more

Thorshofn and Bakkafjordur Area

Map North Iceland - Map East Iceland Travel Guide East... more

Map Southwest Lowlands Iceland

: Gullfoss & Geysir Area – South Iceland – Skaftafell &... more

Map of Southwest Iceland

Reykjavik Area - Reykjanes Area Look for popular tours in Iceland Map... more

Map of Westfjords and Strandir

Travel Guide Westfjords Travel Guide Strandir Maps North Iceland Maps West... more

Maps of South Iceland

Gullfoss & Geysir Area - South Iceland Lowlands - South Iceland and... more

Maps of North Iceland

Maps: Nortwest Hvamstangi to Blonduos Area - Skagafjordur Area - Akureyri... more

Map of West Iceland

Borgarfjordur Area - Snaefellsnes Area - Budardalur area Travel guide West... more

Maps of East Iceland

Maps East Iceland: Vopnafjordur & Borgarfjordur Area - Central Eastern... more

Map of The Highland

Highland Maps and Route: Kjolur Route Sprengusandur Route Kaldidalur... more

Map of Landmannalaugar/Fjallabak North & South

F-225 4 x4 vehicles only LANDMANNA ROUTE The Domadalur Route is... more

Map of Gaesavatna Route

Map Sprengisandur Route GAESAVOTN ROUTE Robust 4 x4 vehicles only! Off... more

Map of Kaldidalur Route

  The Cold Valley is the shortest of the three main roads across the... more

Map of Sprengisandur Route

Map Gaesavotn Route SPRENGISANDUR ROUTE, ( Route F-26 ) GAESAVOTN ROUTE... more

Map of Kjolur Route

About The Kjolur Highland Route (Road F-35) Remember! Off road driving is... more

Map of The Reykjanes Area

Map Reykjavik Area Map West Iceland - Map South Iceland  On March 19mars... more

Map of Snaefellsnes Area

Map Borgarfjordur area - Map Budardalur area Travel Guide around... more

Map of Borgarfjordur Area

Map Snaefellsnes - Map Westfjords - Map Budardalur Get an education when... more

Map of Myvatn Area

Map Gaesavotn Route  Map Sprenisandur Route  Map North Iceland More... more

Map of Kopasker, Raufarhofn to Thorshofn Area

Maps east Iceland Maps North Iceland Quick reference guide for North... more

Maps of Akureyri & Eyjafjordur Area

  Maps North Iceland - Map Raufarhofn area Quick reference guide... more

Map of Husavik To Akureyri Area

Map Kopasker Raufarhofn area Quick reference guide for North... more

Map of Skagafjordur Area

Map Husavik area - Nortwest Hvamstangi to Blonduos Area –  Akureyri... more

Map of Nortwest Hvammstangi to Blonduos Area

Map Skagafjordur area - Map Husavik area Map Westfjords and... more

Map of Central Eastern Area

Vopnafjordur & Borgarfjordur Area – Southeast Area – Thorshofn and... more

Map of Skaftafell & Jokulsarlon Area

Maps: Vik and Kirkjubaejarklauistur <-Skaftafell & Jokulsarlon->... more

Map of South Iceland

Maps: Gullfoss & Geysir Area – South Iceland Lowlands –  Skaftafell... more

Map of South Iceland Lowlands

More about Iceland when Travel: Camping in Iceland Hiking in... more

Map of Gullfoss & Geysir Area

More about Iceland when Travel: Camping in Iceland Hiking in... more