Churches in East Iceland with WITH HISTORIC SAGA

Articles in Churches in East Iceland with WITH HISTORIC SAGA

Hof Church Oraefi County

  Hof is a cluster of farms in the Oraefi County During... more

Hofn Church

The Lutheran church in the fishing village Hofn was built during the period... more

Papey Church

A wooden church, built in 1904 on the foundation of an older one Declared... more

Hof Church Alftafjordur

Hof is a farm and a former church site on the Alftafjordur Bay The Catholic... more


Heydalir is a church site and a parsonage in the Breiddalur Valley It was... more

Bakkagerdi Church

This church belongs to the Desjamyri benefice in the Muli deanery The church... more

Modrudalur Church

This church belongs to the Valthjofsstadur benefice in the Mula deanery It was... more

Geirsstadir Church

Archaeological excavations at farm Geirsstadir in county Hroarstunga in 1997... more

As Church – Fell County

As is a former parsonage and a church site in the Fell County in Eastern... more

Valthjofsstadur Church

This ancient manor and parsonage from the 14 century is situated west of the... more

Hoffell Church Farm

Hoffell is an estate in the Nesjar County According to the Book of... more


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