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Hof Church Alftafjordur

Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 64.563262° N 14.647135° W

Hof is a farm and a former church site on the Alftafjordur Bay. The Catholic churches were dedicated to The Holy Virgin. In 1905, the church at Djupivogur became the parish church (built in 1896).

Sagas of IcelandHof was originally built by the settler Bodvar the White Thorleifsson, who “settled in the valleys between the Leiruvogur cove and Mt. Muli and built a pagan temple at his farm”, according to The Book of Settlements.

The Saga personality, Sidu-Hallur, lived there before he moved to Thvotta, after his son, Thidrandi, was killed by “the supernatural, dark nymphs”. Reverend Bjarni Gudmundsson was the last Catholic priest at Hof. He was the only priest of his deanery to oppose the “new faith” and denied to adapt to Lutheranism. He consequently had to resign.

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Hof in Icelandic

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