Hof Church Oraefi County

Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 63.9065974° N 16.7070975° W



Hof is a cluster of farms in the Oraefi County.

Sagas of Iceland During catholic times, the church there was dedicated St. Clemens. The preserved sod church dates back to 1884 and got into the care of The National Museum after it had been restored and reconsecrated in 1954.

Among the houses to be seen, there are quite a few abandoned ones, which were occupied up to the late 20th century. Many of the farms offer board and lodgings for the travellers.

Sod farms and churches dating back to the 18th century

Churches in Iceland with Historical and Cultural Interest 

Hof in Oraefi in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Ira Goldstein

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