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Baejarstadaskogur Woods

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.0166° N 16.9749249° W

Forest Baejarstadaskogur is one of the best thriving birch forests of the country. Its relatively straight trees reach the height of about 13 metres. Seeds have been collected there for some time and planted elsewhere in the country, where they stand out among other birches. Grazing and erosion were well on the way to destroy the forest when an area, double its size, was fenced off for its protection in 1935. This was done by The Iceland Forestry Association and based on volunteer work and donations.

Sagas of Iceland
The name of the forest is based on the existence of the farm Jokulfell, which stood there in the past. This farm is mentioned in a cartulary from the 14th century and its ruins were still visible around the turn of the 17th century.

The easiest hiking trail from the Skaftafell camping grounds passes Sjonarsker and continues down the Kambgil gully to the pedestrian bridge across the Morsa River. When the ever-spreading, small forest is reached, most hikers decide to take a look at the warm springs in the nearby slopes and walk all the way to the source of the glacier river Skeidara.

The lower path along River Skeidara has not been maintained properly and is considered dangerous in places. The hike takes 7-8 hours altogether.

The Saga trail for South Iceland.

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