Geographical Information

The whole country, is 103.000 km2.
Ocean area within the 200 miles limit is 758.000 km2.
The coastline, 4.970 km.

Area Elevation

The whole country: 103.000 km2
0-200 metres: 24.700
201-400 metres: 18.400
401-600 metres: 22.200
Above 601 meters: 37.700

Geographical Areas

Area of Vegetation, Lakes, Glaciers, Deserts. km2.

The whole country: 103.000
Vegetated area: 23.805
Lake area: 2.757
Glacier area: 11.922
Desert area: 64.538

Distance to Other Countries (kilometers)

Greenland: 287
Faroe Islands: 420
Jan Mayen: 550
Scotland: 798
Norway: 970

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