Articles in Landsvirkjun

Budarhalsstod Power Plant

Budarhalsstod The station is located on the Tungnaa River and takes advantage... more

Vatnsfell Power Station

Vatnsfell Power Plant Vatnsfell is an Icelandic hydroelectric power station... more

Hrauneyjafoss Power Station

Hrauneyjafoss Power Station The Hrauneyjafoss Station is Iceland’s third... more

Ljosafoss Power Plant

Landsvirkjun's energy exhibition is located in Ljósafoss Power Station, and is... more

Sultartangi Power Plant

Sultartangi Power Plant The Sultartangi Station, located 15 km northeast of... more

Burfell Power Station

When Landsvirkjun was established in 1965, it embarked on the construction of... more

Blanda Power Station

Blanda Power Station The Blanda Station is located in north Iceland, near the... more

Sultartangi Reservoir

About Sultartangi Reservoir Rivers Thjorsa and Tungnaa were dammed just east... more


The name of Mt Krafla was extended over the high temperature area after the... more

Sigalda Power Plant

About Sigalda This hyaloclastite (moberg) ridge rises 550 m above sea level to... more


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