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Hrauneyjafoss Power Station

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.2730° N 19.228584° W

Hrauneyjafoss Power Station

The Hrauneyjafoss Station is Iceland’s third largest power plant, producing 210 MW. It is located near the Sprengisandur Route on the edge of the highlands; southwest of the Sigalda Station, and utilises the same water as Sigalda Station. Hrauneyjafoss Station came on-line in 1981.

The Tungnaa River is dammed on rather flat land approximately 1.5 km above the Hrauneyjafoss Waterfall and 7 km below the Sigalda Station. The difference in altitude is approximately 15 m. Hrauneyjalon, an 8.8 km² reservoir, was formed by the dam. A low soil wall dam stretches along the lava flatlands on the south bank of the river. A headrace channel runs 1 km northwards from the reservoir through a dip in the Fossalda Hill to an intake point at its northern edge. Three steel penstocks (4.8 m in diameter) run 272 m down the hill to the powerhouse. The tailrace canal, just over one kilometre in length, enters the Spordoldukvísl waterway, which runs into the Tungnaa River.

There are six hydropower stations in the catchment area of Rivers Thjorsa and Tungnaa:
Burfell, Sultartangi, Hrauneyjafoss, Vatnsfell, Sigalda and Budarhals.

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