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Thorisvatn Lake

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.2153° N 18.8503° W

About Thorisvatn Lake

This lake was the second largest natural lake of the country until ti was turned into the main reservoir for the first of the large power stations on the rivers Tungnaa and Thjorsa. Its natural area was 70 km² but now it fluctuates up to nearly 86 km². Its water level stands between 561 and 578 m above sea level. Its surroundings are very barren and desolate, because the few vegetated spots disappeared.The colour of the water is milky white because of the glacial water diverted into it. Its discharge was Thorisos, which was dammed and a new discharge ditch was excavated all the way down to the first power station at Sigalda. At the other end of the ditch a new man made lake was created. The lake was known for its big Brown Trout, but the catch has diminished considerably after the changes.

Thorisvatn in Icelandic


Photo Credit: TommyBee

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