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SKALAVATN – PYTTLUR, Veidivotn area

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.1089° N 18.7464° W

Lake Skalavatn, lakes Fossvotn, lake Langavatn with its connected lakes and lake Snjoolduvatn were the main fishing lakes in the past up to the time when fry releases commenced. Very rugged lava fields are located on the northern and western sides of the lake and on the small lakes called Pyttlur. The lava fields contain small craters, where the best fishing spots are to be found. There the lake bottoms are richly vegetated and spoons and hooks easily get stuck. These lakes have no visible discharges or feeds. The trout stock is natural and the lakes Pyttlur have been supported with fry releases. Lake Skalavatn is rather large and should be explored more thoroughly. Most anglers only fish from its northern banks. The natural food of the lakes is varied and rich, flies, chrysalides, worms, conches and sticklebacks. The windward banks are recommended escaped for fishing at dusk from the northern banks Lake Skalavatn is situated at 568 m above sea level, its area is 0,78 km², the greatest depth 16 m, the volume 4,4 Gl, the average depth 5,6 m, its length 1,5 km and width 0,7 km. This lake has the most varied surroundings of all the lakes of the Veidivotn group, high hills, vegetated lava fields and mossy hillocks.
It is indented with coves and dotted with islets. From a spit of land entering the lake from the north with a lava rock at its end the view over the lake and its surroundings is excellent. The catch has been increasing steadily since 1994, 240 fishes in 1998. Worms, mackerel, spoons, chrysalides and flies (no. 8-10, one or two hooks; streamers) are the recommended baits. The best fishing spots are Kviarnar, Arnarsetur, Batseyri, Floinn, Botnatangi, Pyttlur and Pyttlunes.

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