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Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.9808° N 18.5219° W


Skaelingar (plural) are an interior summer pasture area for sheep. It is indented with gullies and gorges and rather difficult to traverse for that reason. The area is green and looks well vegetated, which upon closer inspection turns out to be mostly moss.

This area is very conspicuous when the Eldgja Area is approached from the south and from the highest brinks of the Eldgja eruptive fissure. The view from this whole area to the northeast Mts Fogrufjoll and the Laki Area is excellent on a fine day. Down by River Skafta, the farmers built a hut as a shelter during the round-up of the sheep in late summer. The Touring Association Utivist restored and modernized the hut and added it to the selection of accommodations in the interior.

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