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Fagrifoss Waterfall

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.0007° N 18.2378° W

Fagrifoss is a waterfall on the way to Laki route is very rough and rugged. There are at least two river crossings to get there.

4×4 vehicles only

The 25 km long crater row called Lakagigar was created during a relatively short, intensive, and catastrophic eruption between the 8th of June 1783 and February 1874. It was among the biggest and poisonous lava eruptions of the earth during historical times. It created two vast lava fields with a total area of 565 km², and the total volume of tephra emitted was estimated to have been 12,3 km³. The consequences were enormous. Between 53% and 82% of the domestic animals and 20% of the human population perished as a result.


This part of the Interior offers clear trails to follow, so it mostly depends on the time the individual travellers have to spend in the area. Long hikes require good planning, preparations, and physical fitness. The psychology has to be considered as well. Sometimes the vast, barren landscapes, and the solitude overwhelme hikers, who are travelling alone and do not meet a soul for days on end.

Bus to Laka

Photo Credit: Nave11

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