Eldgja 21 km-Hut Sveinstindur 13 km<- Holaskjol-> Klaustur 53 km

Holaskjol Mountain Hut

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.9077545° N 18.6048317° W

Holaskjol, sheltered by Mounds Lambaskardsholar, offers mountain hut accommodation in a beautiful location just off the Landmanna Route, near the rivers Sydri Ofaera and Skafta and the magnificent fissure Eldgja. It is and excellent spot for a further exploration of the area on foot.

In Holaskjol  we have room for 61 people with sleeping bags in a two-floor mountain lodge. The floors are separated and both have a private entrance, a kitchen, WC and a shower.

There are also 4 cabins with WC and a kitchen that can be rented as a sleeping bag accommodation 4 people maximum per cabin.  Shower is in a separate hut.

Holaskjol campsite

Holaskjol in Icelandic

A few hours walk from Holaskjol to Skaelingar Hut, Utivist Touring Association

Transport from Holaskjol to Skaelingur hut area is available up on request.

Hiking Holaskjol to Thorsmork

Angling in Langisjor

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