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Utivist Travel Association

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.9808353° N 18.848027° W

About Utivist Travel Association

Utivist is a travel association, which goal is to encourage travel within Iceland in a healthy and enjoyable way. It is a friendly, enriching group, welcoming anyone who wants to join. Útivist offers a variety of weekend tours, summer vacation tours and day tours. People need to be a member to participate in the activities.

Further information on individual tours is provided at Útivist‘s office, where you can also book your tours and accommodation in huts by calling or sending an email.

Please note that Utivist is a recreational association; it does not insure its passengers, nor does it accept responsibility for their property. Útivist reserves the right to cancel any trip with advance notice, if there is inadequate participation.

Source: Utivist Travel Association website

Utivist Travel Association
Katrinartúni 4
105 Reykjavík
Sími: 562 1000

Accommodation available from Utivist:
Utivist Alftavotn hut
Utivist Basar Huts in Godaland
Utivist Mountain Hut – Dalakofinn
Utivist Mountain Hut – Fimmvorduhals
Utivist Mountain Hut Skaelingar
Utivist Mountain hut Strutur
Utivist Mountain Hut Sveinstindur
Utivist Mountain Hut Tindfjallasel

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Nearby Utivist Travel Association

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