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Domadalur Route Fjallabaksleid Nyrdri (F-225)

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.0416° N 19.2280° W

About Domadalur

The Domadalur Route is actually the westernmost part of the ancient Landmanna Route, more frequently called “Fjallabaksleid Nyrdri”. The Domadalur Route starts east of River Thjorsa in the Solvahraun lava area and continues to Lake Frostastadavatn in the east. In the west it passes between Mt Saudafell and Mt Valafell, through Klofningar (Hekla lava field from 1878). From there, a sidetrack continues to the south to the Skjolkviahraun lava (1970) and the northeastern shoulder of the Hekla volcano. After Klofningar an old track continues to the fissure craters of Valagja and across the area where River Helliskvisl disappears into the sand. A short distance further east the Domadalur Route crosses the southernmost tongue of the Lambafitjahraun lava field (1913) and along the hills of Krokagiljabrunir and Mt Saudleysur.

At River Raudufossakvisl the route forks. To the left the road continues to the mountain hut at Landmannahellir and then onwards to the Domadalur route again. The old route continues north of the hill Satubarn and south of hill Langsata. Just east of hill Satubarn a sidetrack continues up the steep slopes of Mt Mogilshofdar to Hrafntinnusker and The Middle Route (Fjallabaksleid Sydri or Midvegur) at Mt Laufafell. North of Mt Mogilshofdar the Domadalur Route continues through the valley Domadalur, south of and past Lake Domadalsvatn, across the Domadalur Lava Field to Lake Frostastadavatn.

Lakes Hrafnabjargavatn, Saudleysuvatn, Herbjarnarfellsvatn, Lodmundarvatn, Lifrafjallavatn, Domadalsvatn, Eskihlidarvatn and Frostastadavatn are good fishing lakes. Further east is Lake Ljotipollur and further north Lake Hnausapollur.

Self drive Domadalur
4 x4 vehicles only
(Fjallabaksleid Nyrdri”.)
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Departure from (Hella) Route 26
or via
Valley Thjorsardalur
Valley Domadalur
Arrival Kirkjubaejarklaustur

Departure from Landmannalaugar
4 x4 vehicles only
Fjallabaksleid Nyrdri
Departure Landmannalaugar
Arrival Kirkjubaejarklaustur

Bus to Landmannalaugar

Fishing Lakes of The Fjallabak Area

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