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Landmannahellir Cottages

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.1013782° N 19.5789518° W

About Landmannahellir Cottages

Accommodation on the Domadalur Route
Landmannahellir offers Sleeping bag accommodation is in 8 different nice cottages for over 100 guests in comfortable single and double bunks. The cottages are well heated, with running water, cooking facilities and a WC lavatory. At Landmannahellir there is a nice camping site and a site for house vans, camping wagons, a lavatory, an outdoor grill, and possibilities to go trout angling in the magnificent neighbouring lakes.The tourist service and accommodation centre is open from middle of June to early September. It is possible to buy accommodation in one of the cottages- Gil – at other time if weather and road conditions allow it. Landmannahellir is easily accessible for those on riding tours in the mountains, and there are good facilities for horses and tourists.
There are 3 horse fences, a stable for 40 horses and enough hay.

Accommodations at Landmannahellir:

Tel:  354-     E-mail:

Landmannahellir in Icelandic

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