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Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.1161693° N 19.8512596° W

Hjalparfoss is a beautiful, two stepped waterfall near the confluence of Rivers Thjorsa and Fossa in the Thjorsa Valley.

The surrounding area is called Hjalp (Help), because the travellers across the Sprengisandur Route found Sagas of Icelandgreat help in reaching a vegetated area to graze their horses after a long journey in the barren interior.

As elsewhere in the valley, the signs of the eruptions of Mt. Hekla are very prominent by the waterfall, ashes everywhere

The National Energy Authority has spent much time and money to turn the valley green again with excellent results.

Hjalparfoss is on Saga trail for South Iceland.

Hjalparfoss in Icelandic

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Photo Credit: Bromr

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