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Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.0824069° N 20.1075197° W

Quick reference travel guide Thjorsadalur.

Arnes is a synonym for an island in river Thjorsa, a community centre, and a hamlet which has developed around the school and the community centre during the last few decades. The present name of the district is derived from the name of the island, which was a part of the western bank of the river until it carved its way around it.
The ancient spring parliament was held on the island and there are numerous ruins of a circular tribunal and dwellings still visible and the topographical names Parliament Mound and Gallow Cliffs nearby.

The most famous attraction in Thjorsadalur is without a doubt:
Gaukshofdi – Gjain – Hjalparfoss – Stong– Viking farm– Haifoss
Burfell poweplant

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