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Hellar Farm

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.9075869° N 20.1637244° W

Hellar is a farm in the Land County in the Southwestern Lowlands. Some ancient, man made caves in the western slopes of Mt. Skardsfjall have been used as tool sheds, sheep sheds and barns up to this date. They were relatively easy to excavate because of the hyaloclastite structure of the landscape.

Sagas of IcelandSome of the caves may have been made by the Irish hermits, who came to the country much earlier than the Norwegian settlers did. One legend tells a story of a calf, which got lost in the labyrinths of the caves and a shepherd was sent to look for it. He got lost too and when he eventually found his way to the surface again, his shoes were filled with gold dust. The calf, however, was next heard under the floorboards of the farm Stori-Nupur on the northern side of River Thjorsa and retrieved there.

The caves withstood the tremendous earthquakes in 1896 and the occupants of the farm have been kind enough to permit travellers to visit the caves. Such man made caves can be found in many other places.

At Aegissida, on road # 1 near the village Hella, are 12 such caves, some of which may have been occupied in the past. Some farmers excavated such caves for their own use as well.

The Saga trail for South Iceland.

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