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Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.7120192° N 19.7962185° W

About Thorolfsfell

Mt Thorolfsfell (574 m) is located east of the inhabited areas of County Fljotshlid.

According to the Book of Settlements, Thorolfur Asksson, settled west of River Markarfljot, between two rivers by the same name, Deildara. His  Sagas of Iceland nephew, Thorgeir Gollni, lived there. Thorgeir’s son was Njall at Bergthorshvoll, who inherited the farm after his father’s death (The Saga of Njall the Wise). Cave Mogugilshellir, now filled with debris and gravel, is located in a gorge in the southwestern, lower slopes. The road along the mountain continues to the so-called Middle Route (Midvegur or Southern Fjallabak). The first and easternmost dyke constructed on River Markarfljot to divert it from the course of River Thvera, was located at the foot of the mountain.


Thorolfsfell in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Reykholt

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