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Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.5472615° N 19.495855° W

The mouth of the gorge of River Kverna opens onto the alluvial plain, about 500 m east of the Folk Museum Skogar.  The spring fed river discharges the Skogar Moorland and spills into River Skoga.  From the mouth of the gorge you catch a glimpse of the 40 m. high waterfall Kvernufoss and it is easy to get up to it.

It is possible to walk behind it, but it is not recommended because of the loose hyaloclastites and the slippery spots on the way.  A walk up the slopes behind the museum and along the gorge is highly interesting.  On the way one waterfall appears after another, and to make a round trip of it, many hikers continue all the way to the gorge of River Skoga and follow it town to the waterfall Skogafoss.

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Kverna in Icelandic

Pic.:  Tomas B Magnusson.


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