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Asolfsskali Church Farm

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.574471° N 19.797792° W

Asolfsskali is a farm and a church site at the foothills of Mts. Eyjafjoll (The Island Mountains).

Sagas of IcelandAccording to The Book of Settlements, an Irish Christian, Asolfur alskik arrived in Iceland and built his lodgings there first. The stream running past his dwellings abounded in trout and char immediately after his settlement.
Thorgeir Bardarson, the ruler of the area, became aware of this and drove Asolfur away out of spite and envy. Asolfur moved further west and a nearby stream yielded no less catch than the first one. Again, Thorgeir drove him away and he moved still further west, where the same happened. This time he had to leave Þorgeir’s domain and Asolfur moved to the farm Ytri-Holmur on the Akranes Peninsula in the West, where he became a hermit.

One of the rivers cascading down the sloped of The Island Mountains has been called Ira after his stay in the area and a nice waterfall in this river, Irafoss, is prominent from road # 1.

Asolfsskali in Icelandic

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Nearby Asolfsskali Church Farm

Nearby Asolfsskali Church Farm

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