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Skagafjordsskali Mountain Hut Thorsmork ITA

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.6133° N 19.6172° W

Mountain hut Skagfjordsskali is located on a flat area at the mouth of Valley Langidalur in Thorsmork, just a stone’s throw from river Krossa. The route there from road # 1 requires jeeps or other robust 4wd vehicles, great care and experience, because of the many unbridged rivers which have to be forded.

Among the many attractions enroute are the gorge Stakkholtsgja and a few others. Just outside the hut is Mt Valahnukur, which tempts most people to climb and nearby attractions, Storendi, Stangarhals, Hamraskogar, Husadalur, Tindafjoll, Basar, Eyjafjallajokull and many others, offer great hiking possibilities. Here is also the starting or ending point of the socalled “Laugavegur” hiking trail between Thorsmork and Landmannalaugar. Hikers on that trail spend nights in the ITA huts in Emstrur, on lake Alftavatn and Mt. Hrafntinnusker.

On the groundfloor of the hut are a spaceous entrance, two small kitchens, a big dining hall, and two sleeping halls with bunks. In the attic are more bunks. The hut accommodates 75 people. Outside are separate houses, one with WC and showers, a pick-nick house for day visitors, small sleeping quarters (2-4), and a shop. The hut is heated by an oil furnace, which is also used for cooking. All necessary appliances can be found in the kitchens.

The telephone numbers of the hut from May 15th and September 30th are: +354 854 1191 / +354 893 1191.

GPS co-ordinates: 63°40.960 19°30.890.
Telephone: +354 893-1191


Hut Skagfjordsskali Langidalur
15. June – 30. September
Adult / Sleepinbag : Ikr. 13.000.-per persons
Children 7-15 years : (50.0%)

Camping Langidalur
Isk. 2800.- per persons

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Skagfjordsskali in Icelandic

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Nearby Skagafjordsskali Mountain Hut Thorsmork ITA

Nearby Skagafjordsskali Mountain Hut Thorsmork ITA