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Hiking in Thorsmork

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.6807224° N 19.484816° W
Hiking time: Various
Difficulty: moderate
Length: Various km
Elevation: Various m
Highest Point: Various m

Hiking in Thorsmork

Mt Valahnukur (458 m) protrudes just west of the Langidalur Valley, where The Icelandic Touring Association’s hut is situated. The ascent is easy and the view from the top is excellent on a fine day. Sometimes the hikers want to spend more time outdoors than it takes to climb the mountain and retrace their steps down the slopes until they find the path, which circumnavigates the mountain. On their way, some make a short detour to take a closer look at a small cave called Valahnuksbol, used as a shelter by the farmers attendingrounding up the sheep in the past, and continue to the Husadalur Valley further north. On the northern side of the ridge are the ruins of the farm Thuridarstadir, probably dating back to the settlement of the area. The cave Sottarhellir (Disease Cave) is situated a short distance to the west of the Husadalur Valley. On the way up that Valley are younger and equally old ruins of still another farm. When the hikers have almost reached the ridge between the Valleys Husadalur and Langidalur on their way back, they encounter the cave Snorrariki, which demands some climbing to be reached.

Hamraskogar Forest

The Hamraskogar Forest is a popular goal among the hikers. This small, wooded area is situated to the north of the Langidalur Valley and its northern boundary is River Thronga. Just north of the river are the ruins of still another ancient farm called Steinfinnsstadir. The reddish looking scoria craters Fauskheidi tempt a detour for a closer inspection.

Mt Rjupnafell

Mt Rjupnafell demands rather a long walk from the Langidalur Valley hut. The easiest approach lies through the Slyppugil Gully to the Tindfjoll Gorge, across it and up the southwest shoulder of the mountain. It is rather steep, but well vegetated and relatively easy to climb. On a fine day the view from up there is breathtaking.

Budarhamar Cliff

The Budarhamar Cliff is a stone’s throw to the north of River Krossa and the easiest approach lies along it. Many hikers want to enjoy different landscapes on their way and walk up the Slyppugil Gully and follow the sometimes narrow path in the upper northern slopes of Mt Tindfjoll to descend on the southern side of the ridge to their east. The Cliff Stangarhals is also a tempting goal on the way down to River Krossa below.

Storiendi Gully

The Storiendi Gully is an ideal goal for those who are pressed for time. To make a round tour of it, many hikers walk up the Slyppugil Gully to the highest part of the ridge at Mt Tindfjoll to continue through a small pass down into the western part of the Gully Storiendi. Then they follow River Krossa back to the hut in the Langidalur Valley. NB. Near the edge of the wooded area in the slopes is a large, natural stone arch.


Glaciers Krossarjokull and Tungnakvislarjokull require a whole day and it is recommended to take a closer look at the Teigstungur area at the same time.

Mt Heidarhorn

Mt Heidarhorn is easily visible from the Valley Langidalur and looks very tempting. The trail up there lies through the Strakagil Gully and across the depression to the west of the mountain, where the ascent is easy. From there is possible to continue across the Morinsheidi Plain, the Heljarkambur and the Brattafonn to the huts in the Fimmvorduhals Saddle between the two glaciers. From there the path descends to the farm, school and museum centre Skogar on the South Coast.

Mt Rettarfell and Mt Utigonguhofdi

Mt Rettarfell and Mt Utigonguhofdi. Both are accessible from the pass between them above the Touring Association Utivist’s hut at Basar. Another approach through the Hvanna Gorge is also interesting.

Mt Hatindar

Mt Hatindar offers an excellent view on a fine day. The approach takes the hikers through the Stakkholt summer pastures, just south of the mouth of the Hvanna Gorge.

Gigjokull and Steinsholtsjokull

The Glaciers Gigjokull and Steinsholtsjokull, their Lagoons and the Gorge Stakkholtsgja usually are visited, when people are enroute to or from the Thorsmork area in their vehicles. All of these places are relatively easily approached and are short detours on foot from the road.

Times and distances are not mentioned in this description. A thumb rule tells us that a hiker covers about 4 kilometres per hour on a plain surface and for each 450 m ascent one hour should be added.

Hiking time: Various
Difficulty: moderate
Length: Various km
Elevation: Various m
Highest Point: Various m 458

Remember: Hikers only leave their footprints and only take memories back home!

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