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Fimmvorduhals Mountain Hut – Utivist

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.62181° N 19.45047° W


The Touring Association Utivist restored the decayed, former “Mountainmen’s” hut in 1990-1991 with their permission. The Mountainmen were pioneers in mountaineering and interior travelling in Iceland.

Hut Baldvinsskali is located a bit lower in the mountain pass, 30-40 minutes’ walking distance from the Fimmvorduhals hut, located on the highest point of the pass, just west of the marked hiking trail between Skogar and Thorsmork. A track for robust 4wd vehicles lies up to Baldvinsskali and ends there. Those huts increase the savety of hikers enroute, who can also spend the night there, or even two, to get the opportunity to climb the glaciers on both sides, Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull.

The Fimmvorduhals hut is heated with oil and contains the most necessary kitchen utensils. The WC conditions are special, because it is impossible to use septic tanks. Therefore the guests are asked to follow the specific rules applied. Keep in mind, that running water is not always accessible near the hut, and snow is not always available for melting, especially late in summer. The hut accommodates 23 people.
Please note: That it is no water supply in the hut. The only water is from rain on the roof and melding snow. Therefore you have to bring your own drinking water.

Practical information

GPS-waypoints N63°37,320 / W19°27,093

Open June 19 to August 31.
Accommodations in the hut for 18 people

Dry closet toilet
Gas stove

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Fimmvordu Hut in Icelandic

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Source: The Utivist website.

Perod: 19. júní – 31. ágúst

Hiking Fimmvorduhals

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