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Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.6667° N 19.4333° W

About Godaland

Godaland, like the other former summer pastures, Mulatungur and Teigstungur, belonged to an estate in the Fljotshlid County. The Reverends of this estate, Breidabolstadur, contracted the use of this area to the farmers of the East Eyjafjoll County. These summer pastures are considered the best among such areas to the south of River Krossa and its boundaries are Rivers Hruna and Hvanna. Prominent mountains decorate Godaland, such as Mt Rettarfell (503 m) with its Elves’ Church directly opposite to the mouth of Valley Langidalur and further east Mt Utigonguhofdi (805 m). In a sheltered valley at the foot of those mountains is the mountain lodge of the Touring Association Utivist. Quite a few people enjoy the walk over the mountains to Skogar on the South Coast and the trail up to the saddle between the two glaciers begins in the Strakagil Gully east of the lodge.

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