Hiking trail Laugavegur

Landmannalaugar 12 km <| Hrafntinnusker 12 km  | Aftavatn 15 km <-Emstrur-> Thorsmork  15 km


Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.7833° N 19.35° W

About Emstrur

Emstrur is a desolate grazing area in the southern interior, northwest of the icecap Myrdalsjokull. A few free standing low and steep mountains decorate the area through which the so-called “Laugavegur” hiking trail between Landmannalaugar and Thorsmork lies. In Gully Hattfellsgil is a mountain station of the farmers, who round up the sheep after the summer grazings. Such huts are also open to the hikers, if they need shelter for the night. A bit further south is one of the huts of the Tourist Association, built in 1978, and just below it a pedestrian bridge, built the same year, crossing the worst obstacle of the trail. There are other rivers en route, which sometimes became obstacles, but they have also been bridged.

The farmers used cable carriers to transport the sheep from the lowlands across the canyon of the Markarfljot river and back after the roundup in August or early September before the rivers were bridged. The bridges opened up a new route for vehicles through this area.

ITA – The Iceland Touring Association (Ferdafelag Islands)

Emstrur in Icelandic

Driving Fjallabak Middel Route 

Nearby Emstrur

Nearby Emstrur

Nearby Emstrur