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Dalakofinn Utivist Mountain Hut

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.9508788° N 19.3616384° W


The Dalakofinn hut is located in the majestic landscapes just north of Mt. Laufafell in the vicinity of valleys Reykjadalir. The owners are the Stolzenwald family. Rudolf Stolzenwald, who built the original hut in 1971 was among the pioneers of travelling in the southern interior in jeeps and on snowscooters. The Travel Society Utivist and his decendants, who are all members, decided on the reconstruction of the hut, which was realized in 2010.

Two A-shaped huts stood there, which Utivist connected with a new building. The old huts offer sleeping quarters for 18 persons each. The new part contains a spacious kitchen, a dining room, a summer toilet, and an entry hall.

The Dalakofinn hut’s location is excellent for all kinds of tours and travel in the so-called Fjallabak area. It offers an easy access to nearby natural wonders, i.e. the colourful geothermal areas and rhyolite mountains, and other mountain huts are within reach for ongoing hikers. The location is also ideal for winter travelling. The hut is easily accessible from farm Keldur without any river fordings. The routes throught valleys Reykjadalir, to Mt. Krakatindur and Mt. Hrafntinnusker are among many possibilities for snowscooter og cross country skiers during winter.

Dalakofinn Icelandic

15. June – 31 August

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Nearby Dalakofinn Utivist Mountain Hut

Nearby Dalakofinn Utivist Mountain Hut