Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.8666632 ° N 18.1166662° W


Outlaws – Thieves – Ghosts – Evil Spirits.
Old and Present Routes,

The Domadalur Route
route 225 Fjallabak north is actually the westernmost part of the ancient Landmanna Route, more frequently called “Fjallabaksleid Nyrdri”

The Fjallabak sydra (south) or middle route
route 210 lies from the west to east just north of the Myrdal’s glacier in the South. It is recommended for 4wd vehicles.

is the name of a route from the Bardardalur Valley in the north through the pass Vonarskard and Fljotshverfi in the south. The first settler of Bardardalur,

route F-26, is the longest stretch between the South and the North and is passable by 4wd vehicles during summer. It is mostly very desolate and barren. Only where there is water, sparse vegetation can be found. In earlier times, when people were more superstitious than they are nowadays and believed in ghosts, giants, elves and outlaws, the few who dared use this route rode as fast as possible through and sometimes exhausted their horses.

route F-910 this route is one of the most interesting and adventurous for 4wd vehicles in the country, where experience with the vehicles and river crossings is totally necessary. It takes you along the northern edge of the largest icecap of Europe and the terrain is so rugged that the average speed hardly exceeds 10 km/hour. It takes about nine hours to drive between the tourist huts at Nyidalur on the Sprengisandur route and Drekagil in the Askja region.

 route 550 The Kaldidalur route was much traveled in the past, especially between the inland located farms of the West and Northwest, and the Parliamentary Plains area. It was the first one to be made permanent with road building in 1830. The view from the highest lying point (727 m) en route is excellent on a fine day. A few legends and Sagas are connected with this part of the country. A side road to the east from the main route leads to a hut at the edge of The Langjokull Glacier, where adventurous glacier tours are on offer.

The Kjolur
route F 35 The Kjolur area (600-700m) lies between the Langjokull glacier in the west and the Hofsjokull glacier in the east, the glacial river Hvita in the south and river Seydisa in the north. In the east and the south are barren remnants from the Ice age, gray moraines, and low mountains decorate the otherwise plateau like landscape, which is ideal for shorter or longer hikes between huts. The whole area was much more vegetated, but was desolated by overgrazing.

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