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Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.6867° N 18.3133° W

About Eyvindarkofaver

Eyvindarkofaver is a relatively well-vegetated marsh east of River Thjorsa between barren gravel hills. The main species of plants are sedges, roseroot, alpine bartsia, woolly-leaved mountain willow and tea-leaved willow (sallow). Among the bird species spotted there during summer are whooper swans, grey lag- and pink-footed geese and waders. The panoramic view on a fine day is beautiful, especially towards west, the glacier Hofsjokull and the Mt Arnarfell Area. River Eyvindarkvisl, entering the marsh in two branches from the east, flows through the area to the west of the confluence.

Sagas of IcelandThe ancient Sprengisandur Route passed through Eyvindarver, and just east of it, in the northern part, are still prominent ruins of the huts built by the outlaw Mountain-Eyvindur, after whom the area is named.

Archaeologists have inspected them twice (1897 and 1953), and the results were the discovery of 4-5 huts, and a cold spring underneath one of them containing the bones of horses, sheep and birds. The old Sprengisandur Route is passable by robust 4wd vehicles and another jeep-track connects the area with the present main road further east, just west of Mts Hagongur.

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