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Nyidalur 24 km <-Hagongur-> Versalir 34 km

Hagongur Mountains

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.8080° N 18.1410° W

About Hagongur

Hagongur is the name of two similar mountains, The Northern-H. and the Southern-H. Their geological structure is Rhyolite and they are cone shaped and steep. They are very prominent, free standing mountains and the distance between them is about 4 km.

South of them is a wide spread lava field called Hagonguhraun. A younger lava field, Trollahraun, covers its southern part. Dams were built in this area in 1998 and a large area disappeared under the water, which is supposed to supply the power stations in the South with more water. A road, built by the contractors, leads all the way up there from the main track across Sprengisandur highland route.

Hagongur in Icelandic

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