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Hiking in Westfjords

About Westfjords

The Westfjords region is home to Látrabjarg; the westernmost point in Europe, and one of the continent’s most remarkable seabird breeding cliffs.

The Dynjandi waterfall, in the Arnarfjörður protected area, is not Iceland’s fastest, tallest, widest or loudest cascade – but it might just be the country’s most beautiful. Also by the shores of Arnarfjörður, Hrafnseyri is a reconstructed turf farm and museum in honour of national independence hero, Jón Sigurðsson, who was born there.

The Hornstrandir nature reserve is a peninsula accessible only by boat or by foot and inhabited only by Arctic foxes, seals, birds and the occasional hiker paradise.
Rauðasandur is one of Iceland’s few large golden beaches, while Vigur island is one of the country’s few eider duck hotels and home to the smallest post office in Europe (apparently)..


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