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Travel Guide Iceland

Travel guide.

Complete Iceland travel guide and practical information on what to do and what to see in Iceland all year along. Every travel has it starting point. Here you can organize your travel in Iceland from starting point to next place and then next. You can select way to travel bus, rental car, flights or ferries. Lets start.

Geldingardals eruption first day

Select your first location entering to travel around Iceland.
To enter Iceland via Keflavik airport, Akureyri, Egilsstadir, Reykjavik Capital of Iceland and Seydirfjordur!!!

 Keflavik International Airport  Keflavik International airport by flight

Reykjavik destination  Reykjavik

Akureyri destination  Akureyri by flight

Egilstadir destination Egilsstadir by flight

Seydisfjordur destination  Seydisfjordur by ferrie

After you have select your starting point, then you can see the next possible destination and the distance to that town or place. Now you can travel around the country on our Travelguide and organize your trip to Iceland from home.

Travel Guide Iceland

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