NAT: Murders and Executions

Murders and Executions
According to the Book of Settlement, the Sturlunga Saga, and chronicles, murders, executions and slayings were common in Iceland. The average number of murders nowadays is close to two annually. Include the Sagas as you travel around Iceland and see places in new light. To help you organize your trip, we have taken parts of the Sagas and located for you.

Murders and Executions in Reykjavík Area

Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland, surrounded by suburbs and fascinating places.

Murders and Executions in Reykjanes

Reykjanes peninsula is full of geothermal wonders and also the home of Keflavík Airport.

Murders and Executions in Westfjords

An isolated part of Iceland, with a natural beauty beyond compare.

Murders and Executions in Strandir

If you’re looking for desolated wilderness and solitude, Strandir is the place for you.

Murders and Executions in Highlands and interior

The uninhabited region of Iceland, with amazing landscapes that are hard to find anywhere else.

Murders and Executions in East Iceland

The eastern part of Iceland is the home of the reindeers and Iceland’s biggest forest.