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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.5985872° N 13.9893153° W

Unaos is the easternmost farm of the Hjaltastadur County on the estuary of River Selfljot.

Sagas of IcelandThe first settler there was Uni Gardarsson, the son of one of the three discoverers of Iceland, Gardar Svavarsson. He was sent to Iceland by King Haraldur Fairhair to convince the Icelanders to become his subjects. People everywhere in the country resented his mission and he retreated from his farm, first to the Alftafiord Bay and then to the farm A in the Sida Area, where he was slain by the farmer Leidolfur.

Above the farm Unaos is the pass Vatnsskard between the mountains Songhofsfjall (431 m) and Geldingafjall, where the road from 1950 lies to the Njardvik Cove and the Borgarfiord Bay. Further east from Unaos the lowland strip disappears where the trading harbour Oshofn was authorized in 1902 and trading continued for about two decades until the co-operative society of Borgarfiord took over. During World War II, German spies hid in a cave a short distance to the east of the farm for a while.

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Unaos in Icelandic

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