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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.5144267° N 13.9906375° W

About Storurd

Storurd (Boulder Scree) is in valley Urdardalur, which is the property of farm Hrafnabjorg. It counts among the magnificient creations of nature in Sagas of Icelandeastern Iceland. This boulder area was most likely created by a landslide at the end of the latest cold era of the Ice Age. The boulders were carried by a glacier snout to the present location.

Between the boulders are flat, grassy areas and deep ponds, and the majestic Mts Dyrfjoll protrude above. Early in summer thick patches of snow can be expected there, and in foggy conditions, people should not wander away from the marked path. It is easy to get utterly lost under such conditions.

Marked paths take the hikers to the main road in the slopes of Mt Osfjall, up to Mt pass Vatnsskard and two to Borgarfjordur East. One of them through Eiriksdalsvarp to Holaland in the innermost part of Borgarfjordur East. The other across Mjoadalsvarp and Grjotdalsvarp to hamlet Bakkagerdi. Hiking through this wonderful area is one of the peaks of the many hiking possibilities in the Viknaslodir Area.

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