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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.59687431° N 14.2148469° W

Husey is in East Iceland, ca. 60 km northeast of Egilsstadir, surrounded by two glacial rivers, Jokulsa a Bru and Lagarfljot. A beautiful mountain view. The area offers interesting possibilities for enjoying nature and taking short hours. It is a splendid place to stay for a few days on your tour around the country or to spend your whole vacation as so many people do. The Youth Hostel is in the old farmhouse, a newly rebuilt house, where we offer sleeping-bag accommodation and made-up beds for our riding guests. Our visitors cook their own meals and share a kitchen and a sitting room. Husey is easy to reach.
Regular flights and buses arrive at Egilsstadir and guests can be picked up there. Husey is a “Paradise” for nature lovers. Approximately 30 species of birds nest in these 40 square kilometres of land, e.g. the Great Skua, the Arctic Tern, the Black-tailed Godwit, the Redshank, the Whimbrel, and the Red-necked Phalarope. The vegetation is also very rich, including ca. 170 species of plants. Husey is the best place for seal hunting at the Heradsfloi Bay. Several hundreds of seals swim up the glacial river Jokulsa, and you can get very close to them.
We also fish for salmon and trout in nets, and our guests are invited to join in the fishing. Husey is situated comfortably far away from busy roads and towns. Therefore, our guests enjoy peace and quiet and can get closer to the land and nature. Away from the “ball and chain” of the clock, you can ride your horse in the daytime or the bright summer nights and experience and enjoy intimacy with nature.

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