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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.5965799° N 13.8882045° W

There are various explanations to the background of the crucifix by the road in the scree slopes of the steep mountain between the cove Njardvik and the bay Borgarfiord in the East.

One of them is the story about Naddi, a monster with an upper body of an animal and the lower of a human.
Sagas of IcelandA long time ago, someone witnessed it creeping up the slope from the sea and after that, it remained there, attacked the passers by, and killed them.  Once a farmer’s wife in Borgarfjord got seriously ill and her husband went to get some medication to save her life.  The creature attacked him on the spot where the crucifix stands and they fought for a long time until the farmer managed to throw it down the slope to the sea.  Since then, no one has noticed it again.
The original crucifix was erected where the present one, from the middle of the 20th century, stands.  On it is a sentence in Latin: Effigem Christi qui transit pronus honora, Anno MCCCVI (1306), You, who passes the sign of Christ, bow your head in reverence.

East Iceland Saga Trail

Njardvikurskridur in Icelandic



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