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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.5365799° N 13.8082045° W

Brunavik is the first cove to the south of Bay Borgarfjordur East.  It is relatively wide and faces northeast.  Behind it is a steep valley dotted with vegetated gravel banks and swamps.  Most of the time, two families inhabited the valley until 1944, when it was abandoned.  In the past, the living conditions there were considered favourable, good home fields and meadows, coastal grazings, and relatively little snow in winter.  Landing conditions for boats were also considered adequate.  Now an emergency shelter of The Life Saving Association of Iceland is situated there.  The structure of the rock formations at the end of the cove is rhyolite.  The beach is coloured by this rocky outcrop and people enjoy promenading there.

Brunavik in Icelandic

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