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Stapavik Cove

Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.6029294° N 13.9613503° W

About Stapavik Cove

Cove Stapavik is just east of river Selfjot’s estuaries. It is framed with precipitous cliffs and is tightly connected with the trading history of Borgarfjordur eystri and Fljotsdalsherad. On the nearby headland Krosshofdi an official trading post was established in 1902, where the farmers from the region traded into the 20th century. In the twenties, Krosshofdi’s landing became too sanded, and the trading post was moved to Stapavik, where a manually operated winch was used to unload the vessels. The conditions were never favourable for such operations in this area, and eventually the trading post was abandoned in 1945.

Stapavik in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Visit East Iceland

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