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Car rental in Iceland

Renting a car in Iceland is nothing different from most other countries, you need to select reliable car. Then you need to understand the conditions you’re going be driving in and they might be very different from what you are used to at home. If the highlands are one of your destinations, then you should consider 4×4 WD. It’s important to ask the rental agency what kind of car you need for your trip and as you will learn, the weather can change in a moment specially in the winter.

As everywhere you need to consider extra insurance.  There are so many reasons for do so and you will be so thankful to have the extra insurance if something happens to your car. Always inspect your car carefully before leaving the car rental agency and taking pictures of everything you see that might be considered damage, can help in returning the car.

Being on your own in Iceland in a rental car, lets you explore all these different wonders of the nature. Adventuring on your own, can result in you missing out on places or attractions to visit. So organize your own self driving itinerary or use some that we have set together in our car rental planner.

New dimension to your Iceland holidays by visiting or staying in small towns or villages to enjoy genuine hospitality, explore scenic surroundings and learn about the culture and lifestyle of rural Iceland. Most of these offer varied recreational opportunities and/or sightseeing possibilities.

car rental planner Iceland
Car Rental Travel Planner

Economy Car rental in Iceland

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