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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.5668743° N 14.3948469° W

River Fogruhlidara and its estuary, Fogruhlidaros, are at the easternmost foot of the so-called Jokulsarhlid in eastern Iceland. It belongs to the farm Ketilstadir and is accessible by car where the main road turns in the direction of the Hellisheidi mountain pass. The surroundings of the river are peaceful and beautiful and further east is the precipice of Mt Kollumuli and the island Bjarnarey. in the past, seal hunting was a part of life for the people at the farm, but nowadays mostly the abounding sea char is caught there. The river runs quietly through the valley and is accessible for sea char to the waterfalls 10-12 km away from the estuary.
The Kalda empties into the Jokla, while the Fögruhlíðará empties into the Atlantic, via a lagoon famed for it´s excellent sea char runs which we are allowed to fish for through the night if the tides call for it.

Late May and early June large runs of fish arrive one after the other and the river is fished with 6 rods and the estuary with two as well. It is easier to fish the estuary from the sanded area to the south, but also possible to stand on the cliffs on the northern side. Permission to fish during the bright summer nights is also an option depending on the tides, and those who have experienced something like that never forget the magic of such moments.
Fishing permits Angling Service Strengir.

Fogruhlidaros in Icelandic