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Geirsstadir Church

Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.513814° N 14.534912° W

Archaeological excavations at farm Geirsstadir in county Hroarstunga in 1997 lead to the discovery of a large farm, a small church, a so-called long-house and other ruins with a round shaped wall around them.

During the years 1999-2001 a conjectural church was built on the property of Litli Bakki. This “reconstruction” was mostly financed by some EU and domestic funds. The church was blessed in 2001 and the same summer it was used for a christening.

This church is right at the crossing opposite to farm Litlibakki, where the road takes you either to farm Husey in the east or to road #1 in the west.

Churches in Iceland with Historical and Cultural Interest 

Geirstadir Church in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Visit Egilsstadir

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