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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 64.4968215° N 14.4952169° W

Hvalnes is a farm and a low headland at the foot of Mt. East Horn, a precipitous, and a high gabbro and granophyre mountain. Its screes are devoid of vegetation and some gold, silver, mercury, and other metals were discovered there. Many fishing outfits were situated near Hvalnes in the past because of the nearness of excellent fishing grounds. Many people from Northern Iceland stayed there during the fishing season to earn their living and take their catch back home.
The Hvalnes Cove became an authorized trading post in 1912 and the lighthouse on it was built in 1954.

Sagas of IcelandAlgerian buccaneers landed there in 1627, robbed and plundered, but could not find any people, because everyone was busy working in the summer pastures.

Road # 1 lies across the very steep screech slopes of Hvalnes and Thvotta. It was built in 1981 and up to that year the main road crossed high and dangerous mountain passes where many accidents occurred, especially during winter.

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