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Teigarhorn Farm

Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 64.6468424° N 14.4511548° W

About Teigarhorn

Teigarhorn is a farm in the Buland County, about 4 kilometres west of the fishing hamlet Djupivogur in the East. It probably is the most renowned zeolites’ spot in the world. Zeolites usually are created in the pores of the basaltic rock and at Teigarhorn they are eroded from the cliffs on the coastline by the sea.

Sagas of IcelandThe sub-species called scolesite are most commonly discovered there. They were collected by anyone in the past, but the area was declared inviolate a few decades ago, and the farmer and his family are the only ones, who are permitted to collect the crystals, that have been eroded from the cliffs nowadays. They are sold on the spot to the passers by.

The first continuous weather observations in the East were commenced there in 1874. There is nothing to prevent travellers in the area from visiting the farm to by scolesite crystals and look at the cliffs on the shoreline, where they are collected.

Highest temperture recorded was in Teigarhorn in East Iceland 22 June 1939 +30.5 °C  86.9°F

Most coldest temerture recorded was at Grimstadir in North Iceland 21 Januar 1918 -38°C -36.4°F

East Iceland Saga

Teigarhorn in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Zolgrab

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